Thursday, July 29, 2010

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning
ID in e-Language Development


1. Mohd Faiz bin Mohamad Gani

2. Muhamad Hafiz bin Mohd Bakri

3. Muhammad Syafik bin Ab Rahman

4. Muhammad Iskandar Zulkarnain bin Yalal

Task #1

Brainstorm on the title of your MIP

1. Gamelan

2. Zapin

3. Wau

4. Congkak

5. Kerabu Rice



a. Target group
• Teenagers (UiTM students)

b. Language
• English and malay language

c. Duration
• 1 hours/day

d. Resources
• through the recording of gamelan practice by students in UiTM at UiTM Culture Unit.

e. Strategies


1. Introduction – text, pictures and video-15 minutes

Based on Gamelan, learners should understand about origin on Gamelan at the end of the lesson.

2. Instruments :

Leaners can recognize the instruments on Gamelan during the lesson.

• Goong - functions
• Kendang- functions
• Kulanter- functions
• Boning- functions
• Gambang- functions
• suling degung- functions
• saron / peking- functions
• panerus- functions
• Jengglong- functions

3. Players - how many?

Learners should know how many players usually take part to play that Gamelan.

4. When Gamelan usually played?

Leaners must understand that Gamelan usually played in different event such as epening ceremony, rituals, convocation and others.

f. Deliverables
- cd rom
- website

g. Cost of production
• RM1000.00


Illustrate your idea through mind maps.

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